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The office of the Vanuatu Law Commission has just completed the Issues Papers for the Ombudsman Act and Leadership Code Act and has uploaded them onto the website under the publication tab. If you would like to send in your comments on the Ombudsman Act and Leadership Code Act Issues Papers then please send in your comments to the following email address or you can call us on (00678) 33620. 

Ombudsman Act and Leadership Code Act
Consultations Coming soon

The VLC team have commenced with their consultation phase for the Ombudsman Act [CAP 252] and the Leadership Code Act [CAP 240] reviews and will soon carry out consultations in the outer islands which will soon be followed by the report write up of these two reviews.



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The Vanuatu Law Reform Commission supports;

  • Law reform efforts by consulting with other relevant Government agencies prior to commencing a review
  • Adhering to standard legislative review processes and procedures that is conducive for achieving purposeful legislative reviews;
  • Legislative review process by assisting and setting up regular meetings with various institutions and bodies who are stakeholders in the review.

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