Your Say

Everyone may make comments and submissions on the issues and proposals mentioned in the Issues Papers and Discussion Papers released by the Commission. Each of these publications identify the relevant closing date that submissions will need to be made by.


Submissions may be made in writing or orally. You can send written comments and submissions to us by mail, fax or email. You can contact us here.

Submissions can also be dropped into our office or can be made by talking to one of our officers in person or over the phone.

Any personal information you provide in a submission is only collected for the purpose of undertaking an inquiry. Unless you indicate otherwise, the Commission may make all submissions public or refer to and disclose details of your submission in future publications. Please indicate clearly if:

  • You do not want your submission published;
  • You want your submission or any part of your submission to be confidential; or
  • You do not want your name included in any appendix in a future publication.

Please publish modules in offcanvas position.