Final Reports of the Vanuatu Law Reform Commission (VLRC) can be downloaded below.

Annual Reports of the Vanuatu Law Reform Commission (VLRC) can be downloaded below.

Issues papers from the Vanuatu Law Reform Commission (VLRC) can be downloaded below.

Please feel free to download our publication. Our publication contains very important information about Law of Vanuatu.

Everyone may make comments and submissions on the issues and proposals mentioned in the Issues Papers and Discussion Papers released by the Commission. Each of these publications identify the relevant closing date that submissions will need to be made by. Submissions may be made in writing or orally. You can send written comments and submissions to us by mail, fax or email. Submissions can also be dropped into our office or can be made by talking to one of our officers in person or over the phone.

Download Major Law Acts

Publication on Drugs

Vanuatu’s Dangerous Drugs Act makes ‘possession in Vanuatu’ of a prohibited substance or material a criminal offence. There is no definition or explanation of the word ‘possession’ – which is the most important part of proving most drug offences.Cannabis or marijuana is by far the most commonly used illegal drug in Vanuatu – especially among local residents.

Water Legislation

Water supply falls under several authorities in Vanuatu. For the last 27 years, the water supply delivery has involved two different government departments, namely, the Public Works Department, who is responsible for the urban water supply, and the Department of Geology, Mines and Water Resources who is responsible for delivering rural water supplies. Download

Public Health

In June 2012 the Vanuatu Law Commission (VLC) entered into a partnership with the Ministry of Health (MOH) to carry out a review of three pieces of health legislation, namely, the Public Health Act CAP 234, the Health Practitioners Act CAP 164 and the Health Committees Act CAP 296. The VLC was assigned to carry out this review within three months, however, after further reflection it was agreed that the VLC would focus only on the Public Health Act CAP 234 and the Health Committees Act CAP 296, given the time and resources available, and based on MOH priorities. Download


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