Vanuatu’s Law Commission Act advanced

on . Posted in 2016 Amendments Published in Gazette

For the first time ever, three decades after the colonial era, Minister for Justice and Community Services Ralph Regenvanu has tabled in Parliament amendments seeking effecting changes in Vanuatu’s Law Commission Act.

This information is for the people who could not access these amendments online; because they are in the outer islands or other reasons the Bill for the Law Commission (Amendment) Act no. of 2011 amends the Law Commission Act [CAP 115] repealed sections 3, 4 and 5 and replaces them with new sections which introduced the following:

Members of the Commission (Section 3)
This provides for the appointment of the members of the Commission by the Minister comprising of:
1.    A person who is unconditionally registered as a legal practitioner in Vanuatu nominated by the Vanuatu Law Society;
2.    A Senior Law Lecturer nominated by the University of the South Pacific;
3.    A legal officer of the State Law Office nominated by the Attorney General;
4.    A person nominated by the National Council of chiefs;
5.    A representative of the civil society, who must be a woman, nominated by the Director of the Department responsible for Woman’s Affairs;
6.    A person nominated by the President of the Vanuatu National Youth Council; and
7.     A person nominated by the Chairman of the Vanuatu Christian Council.

Law Commission completes review of water legislations

on . Posted in 2016 Amendments Published in Gazette

The Vanuatu Law Commission has now completed its third round of review on the Water Supply Act and Water Resource Management Act of Vanuatu.

The Law Commission was requested by the Department of Geology, Mines and Natural Resources sometimes in June of 2013 to review the above mentioned legislations on the grounds that both legislations were out-dated, overly complex, and a poor fit with Vanuatu’s current needs, realities and aspirations.

The review of the mentioned legislations considers how to effectively address the following issues:

Water Supply Act Water Resource Management Act

• Water supply managed by two departments Ownership of Water – Water Rights

• Updating of Water Tariffs Definition of River Buffer Zones

• Incorporating a provision in the Act to re-inject Expansion of National Water Resources and

Water Tariff/Revenue Water Protection Zones

• Illegal Tapping

• Water Quality and

• Water Safety Planning

The review of both legislations was completed in a period of six months in all six provinces. Both reports carry recommendations by the Vanuatu Law Commission based on findings from the consultation. All stakeholders, line agencies and seven communities were consulted to ensure that realistic views can be reflected in the reports.

Secretary to Vanuatu Law Commission appointed

on . Posted in 2016 Amendments Published in Gazette

The Minister of Justice and Community Services has appointed, for the first time ever, a Secretary to the Vanuatu Law Commission.  

The Law Commission is a statutory body, established under the Law Commission Act [Cap. 115], which has responsibility for advising Government and its institutions on what changes are needed to existing laws and what new laws may be needed in order to reflect changing realities in the country, in order to make national laws more relevant to the needs of citizens and Government.  

Although the Law Commission Act has existed since before independence, a proper office with staff to support the work of the Commission has never been put in place

Under the instructions of the Minister of Justice and Community Services, being the Minister responsible for the Law Commission, a recruitment process was commenced in April 2011 to appoint a Secretary for the Law Commission.  

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